QiLu Sino-Canadian International School


   齐鲁中加国际学校     阿尔伯塔省海外认证学校(青岛)

QSCIS Technology Policy:


Student computers and devices will be kept in the cabinet at all times when not in use. The students will only use computers at designated times and in designated classes and with the express permission of the teacher. Computers are not allowed in the dorm at any time.


  1. Students will only use their devices for the purpose of completing school related work.


  1. Students will not use their device or access the Internet for the following purposes:


    1. Playing Games玩游戏

    2. Viewing Inappropriate Websites浏览不当网站

    3. Harassing or Threatening any other individual or group骚扰或威吓其他同学

    4. Any purpose not assigned by the classroom teacher.任何未经监管教师允许的使用电脑。

  1. Students must keep their device up to date and are responsible for maintenance and care of their personal property including having the right software installed as per the list provided by the school. (Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are required)

学生应自行看管电脑设备并对其私人财产负责包括应按照学校规定的软件清单下载软件 Word, Excel, PPT等)

  1. Students are responsible for lost or broken equipment. The school is not responsible for the replacement of student owned devices should they be damaged or lost for any reason. Foreign teachers will be in control of the wifi and students will not use wifi on personal time or in other classes. Students will not use the wifi of other classes. (example – grade tens will not use the grade 11 or 12 wifi)


  1. After classes are over the Canadian teachers will be responsible to make sure all student computers are locked in the cabinet where they can charge and be ready for the next class. Students will need permission to get their computers from the closet.


  1. Students may only use their personal device during Canadian Program Classes. They are not to ask or try to access their devices during study hall classes or other classes that are not supervised by their Canadian Program Teachers. Students who do not live on campus will take their laptops home each night and bring them back each morning charged and ready for the day and will only store them in the cabinet.


  1. The Students will store their computer in a locked cabinet provided by the school during the afternoon lunch break and after the Canadian Program Classes have ended for the day and will not use computers on any breaks. Students will not store their computer in their desks or locker but may only keep it in the locked computer cabinet. Teachers and staff in either the Canadian or Chinese programs may request at any time to inspect student devices to ensure compliance with the rules and students who do not cooperate will lose their computer privileges.


  1. Students may use the school computer lab to work on assignments during study hall blocks or other blocks where the Canadian Program Staff is not available to supervise.


10. Cellphones are not permitted.



11. Breaking any of the above rules will result in the loss of computer privileges. If a student breaks a rule, his/her device will be confiscated for a period to be determined by the number of previous offenses. Chronic misuse or abuse of this policy will result in loss of privileges for the rest of the semester.